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Dull Dullest

Artist: Dull Schicksal

Year: 1991
Country: Belgium
Label: EE Tapes
Catalog No: EE Tapes; ET13
Format: Tape
A1 Moon Symphony By Cloudspotters  
A2 Unrelaxed Behavior  
A3 Wet  
A4 Scrambled Eggs  
A5 Desert Banned  
A6 Grudge  
A7 Countersign Clockwork  
A8 A Great Loss Yeah  
A9 I Like The People That Like My Jokes  
B1 Legman  
B2 If Chariots Collide  
B3 Almost Ate My Hair  
B4 Dutch Wives  
B5 Flies  
B6 Marmelade Jam  
B7 Scissor Sob/Scissor Job  
B8 They Grind In XTC  
B9 On Foreign Stuff  
B10 You Need Me Foolin'  
B11 Brothels And Systems  
Hand stamped label + booklet.
Limited to 100 copies.
The first 50 copies came with an original antique playing card.