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High Tech

Artist: Siegmar Fricke

Year: 1988
Country: Spain
Catalog No: Toracic Tapes, TØ5
Format: Tape
A1 New Technology 2:00
A2 Nackttänzerin 6:20
A3 Rock'N Tech 2:45
A4 Video Diversion-Programme 1 5:10
A5 Cruise Missiles 3:45
B1 Coverages All Over 5:10
B2 Video Diversion-Programme 2 3:35
B3 The Cracker-March 3:00
B4 Computer Kids 2:05
B5 Voices From The Chip 2:10
B6 High Tech 2:25
All material recorded, mixed, and compiled by Siegmar Fricke in March 1988

Cover: Siegmar Fricke