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Abduction Of Mind

Artist: Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes, aT 108
Format: Tape
A1 2-3-4-6  
A2 Exceptional Visitors (First Day)  
A3 Bonsoir Bonsoir  
A4 Exceptional Visitors (Second Day)  
A5 Kopf-Hoch-Kopf  
A6 Russian Submarine  
A7 You Must Be The One  
A8 Cucumber Slicer  
A9 Naked...  
A10 Giddy-Paced Generation  
A11 Lack Of Willpower (Part One)  
B1 Lack Of Willpower (Part Two)  
B2 Little Girl Lost In The Forest  
B3 Tropicana  
B4 Immer Weiter...  
B5 Viola (Melody-Mix One)  
B6 Viola (Melody-Mix Two)  
B7 Chorion-Biopsie (Examination-Two-Mix)  
  • Recorded By – Dieter Mauson, Siegmar Fricke
Recorded in Wilhelmshaven, on 3 November and 27 December 1989.