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Siegmar Fricke

Alias: Fricke, S. F., S. Fricke, S.F., SF
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
In 1981 Siegmar Fricke's earliest musical experiments involved reel-to-reel recordings of short-waves and acoustic noises that were arranged in the stereo-field to complete compositions of musique-concrète. After various activities within the worldwide tape-scene from 1985-1993 Siegmar Fricke concentrated on his PHARMAKUSTIK-solo-works and also on collaborations with important figures of the experimental scene who are specialized in idiosyncratic sound-architecture, decomposition and innovation: CONRAD SCHNITZLER, MAURIZIO BIANCHI from Milano, GIANCARLO TONIUTTI from Udine, EBERHARD KRANEMANN (ex-Pissoff) from Germany, BRENT GUTZEIT from USA.
contact: /
*also Bestattungsinstitut, Pharmakustik in groups like Ambulatorio Segreto, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Doppelwirkung, Efficient Refineries, New Tits On The Cock, Nome De Voyage 2
ph: Cavazzale, Italy, 1991