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History Of Unheard Music

Artist: History Of Unheard Music

Year: 1984
Country: Netherlands
Label: Staalplaat
Catalog No: Staalplaat, Staaltape
Format: Tape
A1 And A Door Opened  
A2 How Much Longer  
A3 F. L. Labs Logo  
A4 Over  
A5 I Can Be Me  
A6 No, No, No, No, No, No  
A7 Even The Ugliest Thing  
A8 Bamboo Risers  
A9 You Silly S.D.B.  
A10 Grenada  
A11 Oh Oh I'm Sorry - Oily Fuse  
A12 Scrubbing The Well  
B1 Living Alone  
B2 Move By Chance  
B3 Wild Kingdom  
B4 Symphonetic  
B5 Lightbulb Filament  
B6 Taxi  
B7 White Mammeries  
B8 Zoo Pounds  
B9 Danny's Parade  
  • Producer – H.U.M.*
Limited Edition of 250 copies.
This tape is released by Staaltape under the license of H.U.M.