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Years running:
Country: Netherlands
Description: The cassette label of Staalplaat. Originally founded 1981 in Amsterdam by Geert-Jan Hobijn it was operating until 1995. Staalplaat is a label for sound artists: an organization network with a music label, an e-zine, a radioprogram, a shop, and a mail order and distribution company, now based in Berlin, Germany. The label was founded by Geert-Jan Hobijn and is famous for its Mort Aux Vaches series, which is a collaboration between Staalplaat and the national Dutch radio VPRO, in which the station provides the recording sessions and Staalplaat releases them in a limited edition. Staalplaat has a long history of organizing events鈥攊n the 1980s it was the co-founder of a concert space called the NL Centre in Amsterdam. Here it organized concerts, partially released on tape in the NL-Documentatieserie series, which are denoted by the ST 00X catalog numbers. The letters ST come from Staaltape, as the label was called back then.