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Suicide In America & Bavarian Aquarels

Artist: Merzdow Shek

Year: 1987
Country: Netherlands
Label: Staalplaat
Catalog No: Staalplaat, Staaltape, ST 00R
Format: Tape
A1 Bavarian Aquarel 4:21
A2 Lager 5:00
A3 Caligula's Triumph 3:33
A4 Without Tears 2:40
A5 Marburg - Industrie Und Polizei 3:24
A6 Blast - Furnace 3:19
B1 Hystorical Dioxin 2:39
B2 Bhopal'Roll 2:35
B3 Suicide In America 2:35
B4 Drinking Bedside - Table 3:12
B5 Arkandaschy Raus! 3:06
B6 Polkacyde 8:14
Released in a sturdy screen-printed plastic envelope with folded cover insert.