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Loh Land

Artist: Zoviet France

Year: 1987
Country: Netherlands
Label: Staalplaat
Catalog No: Staalplaat, Staaltape, ST 00L
Format: Tape
  Side 0
A1 East Taunts West  
A2 Scacen  
A3 Notochord  
A4 Har Hou  
A5 Notochord  
A6 Shamble  
A7 Gygr Carlin  
A8 Al 'Ud  
A9 Dust Deofol  
A10 Nostalgie De La Boue  
A11 Trom Eldr  
A12 Vlaag  
  Side 1
B1 Reson Deaw Gwalch  
B2 Lang Mark  
B3 Film - Perversion Of Magnitudes  
B4 Film - Flicorian  
B5 Vlaag Morgen  
B6 Gathering Nostoc  
  • Composed By, Producer – Ben Ponton, Robin Storey
  • Performer – Ben Ponton, Paolo Di Paolo, Robin Storey
Later released on CD by Staalplaat (STCD 018).