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Live Circus Krone, München, Germany 12.06.1981

Artist: Kraftwerk

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Catalog No: none
Format: Vinyl Lp-2
Spezification: unofficial


The album title is written in Russian cyrillic and translates as “I am your servant, I am your worker” (“Ya Tvoi Sluga, Ya Tvoi Rabotnik”). Japanese script runs down right hand side of cover/poster.

Pressed on black vinyl. Pressings also exist on clear orange vinyl in same style poster sleeve and yellow vinyl in plain white sleeve.

Labels are plain white. Catalog numbers were engraved on the masters:
"KW A" and "KW 2" on the first disc; "KW B C" (with the B scratched out) and "KW D" on the second disc.

The grooves are cut without cue points to mark out the tracks.

Inner sleeves are white paper style.

Cover design is printed in black on fluorescent yellow paper, no halftones. Paper is thin, poster quality. Cover folds out to large poster size (about 25"x18.5").

There is no track listing printed anywhere on the sleeve or on the disc labels. Audience recording of the performance at Circus Krone, München, Germany 12.06.1981. Extended crowd cheers following Neonlicht were edited out of the recording to conserve space for performance.