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Sweet Surprise

Artist: Chris and Cosey

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Rough Trade, RTT 148
Format: Vinyl 12"



Companies, etc.



Recorded in 1982. A-side mix from 1984. B-side mix from 1985.

Contributing artists Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart are not mentioned on the sleeve. The back sleeve of the 12" shows a photo of Chris & Cosey and two silhouettes with question marks.

They are mentioned on the labels though, as "Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart appear courtesy of RCA Limited".

Some copies come with an insert advertising other Conspiracy International releases.

Uncredited info:
Recorded on 8 track and 24 track at Eurythmics Studio, DEC Camden Town, London, The Church, Hornsey, London and S47, Norfolk.