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The April Fool

Artist: Martin Newell

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jar Music
Format: Tape
Spezification: EP
A1 I Was A Teenage Idiot Dancer  
A2 I Wasn't Drinking  
A3 Let's Get Married!  
A4 The Iceberg & Unicorn  
A5 The Beat Generation And Me  
A6 Mad March Hare  
B1 I Was A Teenage Idiot Dancer  
B2 I Wasn't Drinking  
B3 Let's Get Married!  
B4 The Iceberg & Unicorn  
B5 The Beat Generation And Me  
B6 Mad March Hare  
"All of these songs concern fools. These songs were recorded on a rainy afternoon - april 1st 1987. There was only a voice, a guitar and a few mistakes. The moments can never be captured again."

Both Sides are identical.