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A Fear Of Staircases

Artist: EHI

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 007
Format: Tape
A1 Propaganda 1:49
A2 Tumble Dry 3:19
A3 Again They March 3:18
A4 Over And Over 3:30
A5 Typhoon 3:03
A6 Haze 5:42
A7 Pulled Together 3:45
A8 Shut In 4:00
A9 Awakened 2:49
B1 A Fear Of Staircases 4:00
B2 T.I.A. 3:20
B3 Baptized 3:19
B4 Microphone Ice Cream 4:43
B5 Distressed 3:35
B6 Supreme Love 3:12
B7 Machine Slavery 4:47
B8 Stuffed 2:40
  • Performer – Brian Noring
Brian Noring wrote:
The title is a reference to a nasty fall I took from the top of our staircase. 17 pieces most in the three and four minute range, but constructed from hours of actual recording and layering techniques. Format switches from keyboard pieces, tape manipulations, more experimental pieces and more often then not - a combinations of all the above. Although I was listening to plenty of noise music at the time, this tape still reflects my interests in old industrial projects with just about every track having a beat of some kind. Things were soon to change. One of FDR's most distributed titles.
Brian Noring - keyboards, tapes, guitar, samples, programming and vocals.
Recorded October to November 1994.