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Random Sound Generating An Electric Mayhem

Artist: 360 Sound

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 006
Format: Tape
A1 A Radio With A Purpose  
A2 Still Standing There  
A3 Voyage  
A4 Stubbed My Toe  
A5 The Day We Gob An O.Z.  
A6 Memories Of Despair  
A7 Voices In My Head  
A8 Antibiotic  
A9 A New Outlook  
A10 Missed You So Long  
A11 Fatality  
A12 Pick Up The Microphone  
A13 Symphonic Seduction  
A14 Amusment Zone  
A15 Driving In The Park  
A16 Resin  
A17 Monotony  
B1 Inner Void  
B2 Day Before The Day  
B3 Internal Void  
B4 Electric Wall Cloud  
B5 Falling On My Back  
B6 Day Before The Day 2  
B7 Inbred Warchild  
B8 Gathering Dust  
B9 Conflicting  
B10 Errect The Pain  
B11 Infinate Doldrum  
B12 Soundtract To Life  
B13 Dirty  
B14 The Flu  
B15 1904  
B16 Rising Countdown  
B17 Under Hypnosis
Brian Noring wrote this about the cassette:
34 tracks on F.D.R.'s first 90 minute cassette of slightly better sounding "remixes" of our first two cassettes (Random Sound Generator and Electric Mayhem). Released I'm guessing the same day as The State Of Affairs.
360 Sound is:
Brian Noring
Shawn Kerby
Kathy Noring