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Oil Burns Skin

Artist: EHI

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 013
Format: Tape
A1 Conflict  
A2 Feel The Throb  
A3 Running From Construction  
A4 Car Wreck At The Improv  
A5 Harassed  
A6 Ocean Morning  
A7 An Offering  
A8 To Bleed  
A9 Melting (Pt. One)  
A10 Alternative Losing Enviroments  
B1 Steriophonic Destruction (Pt. One)  
B2 Advance Forward  
B3 The Error Of My Ways  
B4 Further Developments  
B5 Oil Burns Skin  
B6 Erosion Of Waves  
B7 Coming Down  
B8 Melting (Pt. Two)  
B9 Resurrection  
B10 Steriophonic Destruction (Pt. Two)  
B11 Mechanical Denistry  
Recorded: Jan To June 1995
EHI is: Brian Noring - all noise.
Shawn Kerby - keyboard & guitar on "Car Crash...)
Kathy Noring - keyboard, percussion and vocals on "Ocean Morning"
Brian Noring wrote:
You most likely wouldn't guess it from hearing this tape but the original inspiration for this 90 minute EHI noisefest came from the Japanese outfit The Gerogerigegege's album Instruments Disorder. Not so much from their style, but because I wanted to put out a tape of countless one and two minute trashy noise pieces. Of course that idea didn't last long, but many of the early minimal distorted noise pieces are still on the tape along with longer more layered pieces. Overall you won't find much variety on this tape, and that was the point. You will find me mixing new elements (distortion!) with old elements and pretty much anything I could dig up. In retrospect not one of my favorite tapes, but it shows my enthusiasm for noise music which would only escalate in the future.
Recorded January to June 1995.
E H I is:
Brian Noring - all noise.
Shawn Kerby - keyboard & guitar on "Car Crash..."
Kathy Noring - keyboard, percussion & vocals on "Ocean Morning"