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The State Of Affairs

Artist: 360 Sound

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 005
Format: Tape
A1 Fusion  
A2 Soare Thy Neighbor  
A3 Endless Waters  
A4 Remedy?  
A5 Comfortably Nothing  
A6 Shock Theropy  
A7 Ode To The Saviour  
A8 The State Of Affairs  
A9 Improvisation  
B1 Unbelivable  
B2 Interlude  
B3 It's In Your Mind  
B4 Why Did She Have To Die  
B5 Sinus Obliteration  
B6 Armagedon  
B7 Craft Work  
B8 The Northland  
B9 Death Exploited  
B10 Kill Thy Neighbor
360 Sound is:
Brian Noring - keyboards, percussion, programming, tapes, samples and vocals.
Shawn Kerby - keyboards, guitar, percussion, programming, tapes and vocals.
Kathy Noring - percussion and vocals.
Recorded September to December 1994.
Brian Noring wrote this about The State Of Affairs:
As you can tell from the track "Scare Thy Neighbors" and the Timothy Leary covershot things were starting to get strange around the Noring household. My wife Kathy joined 360 Sound as an on again off again member, 360 also started branching out into more psychedelic jam based tunes with Kerby largely in the guitar seat, and myself on the keyboards. This format would soon become our method of choice, leaving the more experimental pieces for solo work. The State of Affairs 19 tracks were compiled from almost four months worth of oddball recordings which is a lifetime in FDR times, and it makes for an entertaining listen and certified FDR classic.