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The Residents Radio Special

Artist: Residents

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Ralph Records
Format: Tape
  Part One 12:07
A1a Introduction 0:30
A1b Death In Barstow 2:05
A1c Interview 2:00
A1d Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life 4:00
A1e Flying 3:18
A1f Tag 0:04
  Part Two 12:12
A2a Satisfaction 4:30
A2b Interview 1:00
A2c Loser/Weed 2:07
A2d Interview 1:17
A2e Melon Collie Lassie 2:51
A2f Tag 0:15
  Part Three 12:28
B1a Interview 1:00
B1b Santa Dog Medley 5:30
B1c Interview 0:45
B1d King Kong 2:00
B1e Interview 1:00
B1f Kamakazie Lady 1:30
B1g Tag 0:15
  Part Four 12:19
B2a Whoopy Snort 3:45
B2b Interview 2:30
B2c Walter Westinghouse 4:54
B2d Credits With Tag 0:25
1983 reissue sold to the public. First edition limited to 100 copies. Black tape without cassette box, but only 2 sheets including instructions and tracklisting folded up and wrapped around the tape. No catalog number on the release.

Second edition of this reissue: white card version (limited edition of 700-800).
Third edition of this reissue: blue card and green card versions (limited edition of 1000).

This radio show was originally released in 1977. Tapes of this recording - without artwork, but accompanying tracks listing - were send out to various radio stations for promotion.