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Le Syndicat

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: This French formation, considered a major populariser of futurist bruitism in the music and art concepts of Luigi RUSSOLO, deals in art noise, industrial ambient and experimental techno genres. It was formed in 1982 by two students of an art school who were associated with a post-punk community of graphic designers, Jean-Marie “RUELGO” ONNI and Van Minh “ZYKLON” LE? MICHEL. The next year the two were joined by more visual artists, ZORI?N and Mi?rka LUGOSI (both quitting in 1986), who were also responsible for the artwork of the project’s releases on ONNI’s LE SYNDICAT label from 1983 to 1988. The label was reactivated in 1999-2003 to re-issue the earlier releases on CD-R. Their early works relied on intense barrages of noise and electronic static produced solely with TV sets and radio receivers. Soon, the group began using a drum machine and sound collages of urban field recordings, human voices and radio shortwaves. They applied cut- up techniques and the looping of dissonant feedback generated through the multi-processing of irregular rhythms. Although full of destructive ele- ments, chaos and aggression, unlike the music of a majority of industrial noise artists of the time, theirs didn’t seem to express violence, nihilistic behaviour or a provocative attitude resulting from shock tactics. All the negative aspects of the artists’ hidden desires were meant to be trans- formed through the composing process into vital energy, affirming man’s positive, inscrutable mental and physical potential. In 1986, mainly for the purposes of live performances, ENTRE VIFS, a project by ZORI?N was formed, and he was joined by LUGOSI and ONNI. In concert, this group used their own sound system called ”The Matrix”, consisting of a large number of interconnected contact microphones, devices and electronic and metallic sound installations. In 1987 LE? MICHEL left LE SYNDICAT, and was replaced by Vei?dt MJO?LNI?R (in the group until 1989), who had previously been invited to play live and record with the band. Fascinated with new trends in electronic music, especially the aesthetic of aggres- sive trance rhythm, they increasingly made their own more organised in terms of form, with less antimusical elements. From 1989, now technically ONNI’s solo project, LE SYNDICAT was less active artistically, to be shelved in the late 1990s for nearly a decade. In the meantime ONNI worked as a sound engineer for theatre, ballet and television. In 2009 he reactivated LE SYNDICAT as a studio-only solo project, but its live incarnation was a newly formed LE SYNDICAT MMX trio, which featured himself and the enigmatic SCRAMBLE SYSTEM and POPS. Selected discography: Phase Segments / Phase Boucles (Le Syndicat 1982) tape Relikat & Schraguemusik (Pure 1982) CD Spermicide (Le Syndicat 1982) tape Totalitarisme (Le Syndicat 1982) tape Schlague Musik (Le Syndicat 1983) tape Tot Mortar (Le Syndicat 1983) tape Audiostatik Repress (Le Syndicat 1983) tape Rectal Strugle (Broken Flag 1985) tape Corrumpate (Pure 1985) CD Staying Alive (ZSF Produkt 1985) tape Vagynaestetatis (Le Syndicat 1985) tape L’Arme De Force (Le Syndicat 1986) tape Rectitude (Pure 1986) CD Hammerbones / Putrefied Brain (Ladd-Frith 198?) CD-R Mars (La Proce?dure 1987) tape Delikate?ssen / Vorgine / Relapse (RRRecords 1988) 3 x LP Macisto Fuzztanz (Staalplaat 1989) CD as ENTRE VIFS Heavy Duty (Cthulhu Records 1989) tape Saccus Sterchoris / Cercle De Soufre (Bog-Art 1989) LP