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Heathen Earth

Artist: Throbbing Gristle

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Industrial Records, IR0009
Format: Vinyl Lp



Companies, etc.



Second pressing on black vinyl issued in a gatefold cover.

This album was recorded on Saturday the 16th of February 1980 between 8.10pm and 9.00pm in front of an invited audience at the studios of Industrial Records Limited. The object was to make a record of T.G. performing live without the often unpredictable influence of adverse playing conditions on the music and on the technical quality. In the days following this session a minimum of re-recording was done and the 8-Track master tapes were mixed-down into stereo.

The original channel allocation on the 8-Track master tapes was as follows:—
1. Rhythms (Chris)
2. Vocals & Echo Effects
3. Bass Guitar (Gen)
4. Cornet, Tape (Sleazy)
5. Cornet, Lead Guitar (Cosey)
6. Synthesisers (Chris)
7. Binaural Left
8. Binaural Right

Simultaneously to the 8-Track master, a colour video recording was also made, the camera being operated by Monte Cazazza. Video Cassettes of this are available from Industrial Records Limited by mail order.
The Sound Engineer was Stan Bingo.
This record is a Sinclair/Brooks production.

Those present at the recording were:-
Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Genesis P-Orridge
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Jonas Almquist
Alan Adams
Rosie Antrobus
Jules Baker
Stan Bingo
Tom Craig
Monte Cazazza
Tana Emmolo
Alex Fergusson
Anthony Murphy
Kim Norris
Sandy Robertson
Geoff Rushton
Jon Savage
Martin Scott
Kevin Thorne
George Valls
Irene Valls
Glenn Michael Wallis
Peter Walmsley