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Mission Is Terminated / Nice Tracks (with Various Artists)

Artist: Throbbing Gristle

Year: 1982
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Nice Label, EX 39 LY2
Format: Vinyl Lp-2


    Nice Tracks
A1 Confusional Quartet Inno D' Italia 1:04
A2 Jessica (14) J.T.J (Interview About Ice-cream – Summer 1982) 0:07
A3 XX Century Zorro Tape-cuttings From The Cassette "La Côte D' Azur" 2:40
A4 Elvis Presley Las Vegas – August 22, 1969 0:03
A5 Sandra Soster Phone Call – July 7, 1982 0:05
A6 Marco Bertoni / Gianni Gitti Calì 4:18
A7 Mark Perry A&M Meeting In Police Tent – Reading – August 28, 1979 0:35
A8 Skizo Fade Sooner 4:15
A9 Gillo Pontecorvo La Battaglia Di Algeri (Excerpt) 0:15
A10 Federico Fellini Toby Dammit (Excerpt) 0:07
A11 Enrico Serotti 1.707.000 1:24
A12 No Artist Chinese Woman 0:02
A13 Sergio Leone Giù La Testa (Excerpt) 0:08
A14a Monofonic Orchestra La Storia Del West 2:35
A14b Marco Guidi Conversations In Bologna At The Tinello Restaurant On September 9, 1981  
A15 Radetzky E Gli Isotopi Il Funerale Di Fruit Flavoured Drops 1:40
A16 Salvatore Sechi Conversations In Bologna At The Tinello Restaurant On September 9, 1981 0:03
A17 Luca Miti Cervello 3:47
A18 Duran Duran From An Interview With Red Ronnie – London, Lindsay Hotel – June 2, 1981 1:02
B1 Carmelo Bene From William Shakespeare's "Giulietta E Romeo"  
B2 Rats Tattoo 4:08
B3 Pope Giovanni Paolo I Discourse On September 1978 0:03
B4 Ari* From A Video-Interview In Modena On September 2, 1981 0:08
B5 XX Century Zorro Lacoste Azure 1:35
B6 Gianni Gitti Message On The Answering Service 0:08
B7a Marco Bertoni / Gianni Gitti Saionara 2:00
B7b No Artist Russian Radio - Yuri Gagarin Is In The Space - From The Announcement  
B8 Alfred Hitchcock From A BBC Interview 0:04
B9 No Artist Radio Prague - Last Appeals During The German Invasion Of September 1939 0:14
B10 Neon (10) Stelle E Strisce 3:17
B11 Stevo (5) Taken From The Presentation Of Psychic TV – London, Ritzy Theatre – October 2, 1982 0:05
B12a Psychic TV Tape Cuttings From Their First Public Exhibition During The Final Academy – London, Ritzy Theatre – October 2, 1982 1:37
B12b Oderso* Cut One  
B12c Majakovskji Words  
B13 O-Zone (4) Hommage A Duke Ellington 3:15
B14 Antonin Artaud Excerpt From "Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu" 0:06
B15 No Artist Red Indians - Indian Song 0:08
B16 Cigaro* Frisbee 1:40
B17 Genesis P-Orridge Conversations In Rome At The Florentina Restaurant On March 20, 1981 0:03
B18 Lord Peter Christopherson* Conversations In Rome At The Florentina Restaurant On March 20, 1981 0:02
B19 No Artist French Girl - Heavy Breathings In The Porno Film "Les Petites Filles" 0:19
B20 Confusional Quartet Senza Titolo 2:44
B21 Ronnie Peterson (2) From An Interview In Austria At The F1 Grand Prix On August 1978, Two Weeks Before His Fatal Accident 0:02
B22 Federico Fellini Toby Dammit (Excerpt) 0:28
B23 Claudia Lloyd Femme Fatale 1:52
B24 Enrico Maria Salerno Untitled  
    Mission Is Terminated
C1 Throbbing Gristle You Dont No 5:18
C2 Throbbing Gristle Damaru Sunrise 5:09
D1 Throbbing Gristle Medicine For Catholic Sex (Love Song For Paula) 5:10
D2 Throbbing Gristle Exotic Violence Della Morte 4:52

Companies, etc.



This release features a 12" "Mission is Terminated" by Throbbing Gristle, and "Nice Tracks" a LP containing songs and cut-up spoken word excerpts from various artists. Packaged in gatefold sleeve.

Includes a 12"x12" 16-page fanzine "Red Ronnie's Bazar 3" which mainly contains a long interview with Genesis P-Orridge (in both English and Italian) and photos.

Notes about the confusing tracklist and order of discs:
- The inside gatefold reads that Throbbing Gristle is on sides 2 & 3 and the compilation on sides 1 & 4, which is incorrect. Actually, and also printed on labels, disc 1 plays the LP (sides 1 & 2) and disc 2 plays the 12" (sides 3 & 4) which is reflected on the above tracklist.
- However, etchings on vinyl have a different logic in their suffix (see below matrix/runout etchings).
- Durations printed on sleeve and on labels are slightly different for the 12".
- The front sleeve can be viewed by choice from the TG panel or from the Nice Tracks panel, each matching on the inside-left gatefold with related texts, credits, etc. The 'TG' panel with the illustration of the Pope is generally known as the front sleeve.
- At last, sleeve's spine reads 'EX 39 LY2 Throbbing Gristle "Mission Is Terminated" "Nice Tracks..." Nice Label' which also imply that Throbbing Gristle is the prime artist here.

Track B24 is not listed, however the inside gatefold has an English translation of the dialogue spoken by Enrico Maria Salerno.
Tracks C1 and C2 were recorded live in Sheffield.
Tracks D1 and D2 were previously released on Journey Through A Body.

On the inside gatefold cover (Throbbing Gristle panel): c p 1983 Expanded Music
On labels: ? 1983 Nice Label - Made in Italy

Notes from release: "Recorded when TG was suffering from a terminal illness of an incurable nature. Yera 1981. Definitely a Sinclair/Brooks Production. Higly Rêcoumended. Dedicated to Tremble, Tanith, Caresse and Harry (both). Inspired by love, coumposed by random chence. Celebrating thee Vatican Gun Club and 9mm enthusiasts everywhere. A spell to destroy Charles and Diana. Wherein thee old god's die, tactics change, psychic television chenges its transmission frequency and heads roll.
Cari Saluti to Nero and Caligula...".