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Coum Transmissions Rectum As Inner Space Postcard as part of the Image Bank Post Card Show Box-Set

Artist: Coum Transmissions

Year: 1977
Country: Canada
Format: Postcards
Image Bank Post Card Show was published in 1977. The work is comprised of 49 postcards, each designed by a different artist, as well as a title postcard. The postcards are housed in the original box measuring 6.25 x 4.25 x 0.75 inches. An important work of 70s Conceptualism, this collection was produced by Image Bank, a Vancouver based collective active that was aligned closely with Fluxus as well as Ray Johnson's ongoing mail art project, the New York Correspondence School. Their use of the post card medium reflects this latter association, but also their belief that art, like other forms of communication, is a system of information exchange. A diverse cast of artists, many of whom went on to become major names.  The set includes a highly sought-after Gordon Matta-Clark die cut and pierced card, as well as postcards by Vito Acconci, Mac Adams, Eleanor Antin, John Jack Baylin, Jeff Berner, G.A. Cavellini, James Collins, Diego Cortez and Katharina Sieverding, Coum Transmissions, Robin Lee Crutchfield, Robert Cumming, Dadaland, Peter Daglish, Lowell Darling, Jimmy DeSana, Mario Diacono, Robert Filliou, Hervé Fischer, Charles Henri Ford, General Idea, Geoffrey Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Davi Det Hompson, Victor Hugo, Peter Hujar, Ray Johnson, Allen Jones, Marcel Just, Alison Knowles, Richard Kostelanetz, Les Levine, Glenn Lewis, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eric Metcalfe, Michael Morris, Hermann Nitsch, Footsy Nutzle, Tom Phillips, Yvonne Rainer, Clive Robertson, Ed Ruscha, Willoughby Sharp, Vincent Trasov a.k.a. Mr. Peanut, Ben Vautier, and Allan Zubick.. Box has very minor wear. Postcards are in fine condition.