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Outdoor Expressions

Artist: Solanaceae Tau

Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Label: IRRE Tapes
Catalog No: IRRE Tapes; IT 039
Format: Tape
A1 The Wolf Song 3:24
A2 Ozonik Hunter 5:22
A3 Ethnological Hazard II 4:12
A4 Muzak Transmission Line 2:20
A5 The Algorhythm Dream 5:27
B1 Saxon Invasion 2:11
B2 Individual Robotron 4:10
B3 Tanks Of Xiao Ping 3:08
B4 Education Of Anarchy 2:02
B5 Teuton 4:55
B6 Submissioned By Machine 3:11
Limited and handnumbered.
Most of these tracks have been issued before on other releases.