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Weird Drug-Inspired Hits

Artist: Jeff Central & Chris Phinney

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Harsh Reality Music; HR59, International Terrorist Network; ITN#37
Format: Tape


A1 No Perception 3:45
A2 Galactic Ocean 5:33
A3 Turbulence 5:05
A4 Don't Drop That Needle 3:55
A5 Mono Slave Station 3:21
A6 Crawling 5:09
A7 In The Laboratory 2:19
B1 Feel My Steel Emotion (Stainless Mix) 6:35
B2 Resonance Ov Venus 6:55
B3 No Blind Spot 5:06
B4 Crawling (Vacuum Remix) 5:09
B5 Feel My Steel Emotion (Rust Mix) 6:35