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Violence - A Way Of Life

Artist: Viktimized Karcass

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Harsh Reality Music, HR 043
Format: Tape
A1 So Long  
A2 Back On The Trail  
A3 High Yo  
A4 Youre So Wrong  
A5 Got To Be  
A6 If You Could Feel The Way I Feel  
A7 The Way I Don't Like  
B1 Strong Man  
B2 Chasms Of Noise  
B3 Down In The Ghetto  
B4 Kicked Out Of The Scene!  
  • Performer – C. Phinney*, M. Jackson*, R. Martin*, R. Henson*, R. Moneymaker*
All Tracks Recorded Live No Overdubs May 27,1987 except For Kicked Out, In The Ghetto & Way I Don't Like recorded Jan 16,1987.