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Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Born in 1953, she was a member of Rema Rema. Under her first name, she is best known for a pop single released on Industrial Records which claimed she was 19 when in fact she was already 27. The other musicians on this record were Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson who were shortly to form Psychic TV with Peter Christopherson. They apparently asked Dorothy to play in the group, but she declined and didn't join the group until many years later when she was credited under her middle name Max. Dorothy only stayed in Psychic TV for about a year. In between this, she was in punk-pop rockabilly band first called The Weekend Swingers and then The El Trains.

Presently she is editor of Total Theatre Magazine and Animations Online. She also does performance work under the name Dorothy's Shoes.