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The Immigration In Time

Artist: Torn Memory

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes aT 68
Format: Tape
A1 The Immigration  
A2 Thru The Gate  
A3 Words To Say  
A4 Empty Room  
B1 A Windows View  
B2 Steps  
B3 Once  
B4 The Silent Temple  
  • Keyboards, Bass, Rhythms, Guitar – David Lex
  • Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards – Craig Kester
All music composed and produced by Torn Memory. Recorded Jan-Aug 1987 at Sherpa Studios, Fullerton CA.
C1987 Torn Memory
P1989 Torn Memory

Young man got de blues. No job. No future. Nowhere to go. He figure he gonna make a name for himself. He think he gonna get in good with the in-crowd by making Unauthorized Duplicates of independent cassette releases and tell 'em he a rock n roller and he done 'em himself. Well now, see, "god" don't shine to this. So he hold young man down and torch him till he died. Says he: "Support that indie-pain-dance!"