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Artist: Konstruktivists

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes, aT 77
Format: Tape
A1 –Konstruktivits Twilight Run  
A2 –Konstruktivits Odin  
A3 –Konstruktivits Omen  
A4 –V.D.O.* Vagina Dentata Organ  
A5 –N.K.V.D.* Piece 1  
A6 –Konstruktivits Romance 23  
A7 –Konstruktivits My Tears  
A8 –N.K.V.D.* Helter Skelter  
A9 –V.D.O.* Sex Dub  
B1 –N.K.V.D.* 4 Minute Warning  
B2 –V.D.O.* Shoot Your Neighbor  
B3 –N.K.V.D.* Almost In Time  
B4 –Konstruktivits Aftermath  
B5 –Konstruktivits Echoes And Mirabilist  
B6 –Konstruktivits The White Winds  
B7 –Konstruktivits Chorale Of Last Moments  
B8 –Konstruktivits Lard Free Chorale  
B9 –Konstruktivits Orange Hymn  
B10 –Konstruktivits Theme From Clockwork Orange  
B11 –Konstruktivits Lovers Of Libra  
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  • Copyright (c) – Audiofile Tapes
Unreleased music from 1981-1982 by N.K.V.D, Konstruktivits and V.D.O.