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Fragment / Miltvuur

Artist: Dier

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Stichting Update Materials, Stichting Vrije Muziek R & T, TS8102)
Format: Tape
A1 Fragment 1  
A2 Doe Maar...  
A3 Fragment 2  
A4 Fragment 3  
A5 Fragment 4  
A6 Fragment 5  
A7 Fragment 6  
A8 Fragment 7  
A9 Helden  
A10 De Kleur  
A11 Fragment 8  
A12 De Kooi  
A13 Fragment 9  
A14 Modder  
A15 1 tnemgarF  
B MILTVUUR (Anthrax)  
  • Bass – Martin Hoogeboom
  • Drums – Paul van de Kruis (tracks: P. van de Kruis)
  • Guitar – P. Kok
  • Recorded By – Theo Calis