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Best Ov The Rest

Artist: Sleep Chamber

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick,
Format: Tape-10
Spezification: 12xCass + Box, Ltd, Num
  Live At The Den Recorded : June 26, 1985
A Ritual Ov Hammers  
  Live At The Air Station: May 6, 1985
B Dream Akoasm  
  Rekorded Live At Jacks 12:11:84
C Untitled  
  Rekorded Live At The Channel 9:18:85
D Untitled  
  Live At The Rat Club August 18, 1985
E1 The Vision And Voice  
E2 Submit To Desire  
E3 Kum Kleopatra  
E4 Fetish  
E5 Rain Dance  
F1 Oral Maze  
F2 Flesh On Flesh  
F3 Weapons Ov Magick  
  Live At The Rat Club March 24, 1985
G1 Leviatan  
G2 Subterranean Subhuman  
G3 Fetish  
G5 Inspiration  
G6 Horsemen  
G7 (Untitled)  
G8 Victmm  
G9 Flesh On Flesh  
  Live At Avant Fair November 7, 1984
H Untitled  
  Live At The Innersleeve Gallery December 1, 1984
I Untitled  
J Untitled  
  Live At The Innersleeve Gallery January 27, 1985
K Untitled  
L Untitled  
  Live On WBRS Radio Recorded : July 18, 1985
M1 Seduction  
M2 The Crystal  
M3 The Vision And Voice  
M4 Priestess  
M5 Rain Dance  
M6 Indian Squaw  
M7 The Empress  
N1 Egyptian Slavegirl  
N2 Eden 67  
N3 War Dance  
N4 Oral Maze  
  Live On WMFO 1:30:85
O1 Green Sky  
O2 Rain Dance  
O3 Fetish  
O4 Dream Distillate  
O5 Uniform  
O6 Inspiration  
O7 Timelock  
O8 Victmm  
O9 Flesh On Flesh  
  Live On WJUL 2:22:85
P1 The Empress  
P2 Dervish Dance Trance  
P3 Erotic Apparition  
P4 The Crystal  
P5 Hot Tongue In Flesh Oven  
P6 Priestess  
P7 Hoffed In Pain  
P8 Untitled  
  Live At Johnny D's 10:25:84
Q1 Leviatan  
Q2 Time Lock  
Q3 Dream Distillate  
Q4 Ikon Goddess  
Q5 Uniform  
Q6 Victmm  
Q7 Flesh On Flesh  
Q8 Coven Ov Angels  
R Weapons Ov Magick  
  Rekorded At Pallace Roads Theatre Mass College Of Art 4:19:86
S1 Desirable Procedures  
S2 With Theze Eyes  
T1 Site Ov Pain, Site Ov Pleasure  
T2 Rain Dance  
T3 Submit To Desire  
T4 Fetish  
T5 Warm Leatherette  
T6 Weaponz Ov Magick  
  Live At Ocean State Theatre Sept.7,1985
U Untitled  
V Untitled  
  Rekorded Live At Sampson Theatre Sept.19,1985
W Untitled  
X Untitled  
  • Performer – Coup De Grace (tracks: M, N, P, S, T), Darline Victor (tracks: M, N, O, P), John ZeWizz (tracks: M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T), Jonathan Briley (tracks: S, T), Lawrence Van Horn (tracks: Q, R), Malcolm Smith* (tracks: Q, R), Richard Geller (tracks: O, Q, R)
A Collection ov Memorable Live Performances.
Numbered edition of 100 copies.
Some copies come with photo insert.
Live Shows Recorded Between 1984-1986.