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Woman Iz Beast

Artist: Women Of The SS

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X 20
Format: Tape
A1 Iron Skirt Introduction 3:49
A2 ORGASM! 3:56
A3 Trying To Please The SS 4:39
A4 Beware, IT Kums 9:06
A5 Slither-You Must 0:46
A6 In Due Time 4:03
B1 Az Kiss A Woman 4:04
B2 Measured In Secret 4:31
B3 Legs So Soft 1:20
B4 Shown Desire 3:31
B5 Punctured 2:27
B6 Will You Watch Me? 8:20
B7 Masterbation Waltz 3:08
Although the title does not appear on the tape, "Woman Iz Beast" is given in Inner-X literature from the period.
Limited to 500 copies.