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Daze Of Trance

Artist: Daze Of Trance

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X, 14
Format: Tape
A1 A New God  
A2 The Surgeon  
A3 Intimate Advise  
A4 Peephole  
A5 Consultation  
B1 Secret Jazz  
B2 Disagree  
B3 My Orders  
B4 Dropper  
B5 In The Motion  
Colour j-card. White cassette with spraypainted labels & typewritten text (Daze Of Trance - XXX -14).
Distributed by Innersleeve.

Eugene Defrancesco - Drums
Phil Brosseau - Bass
John Ze'Wizz - Keyboards

Produced & Mixed at HOUSE STUDIO Cambridge by John Ze'Wizz 3/15/1983