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Women Of The SS

Artist: Women Of The SS

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, XXX-09
Format: Tape
A1 Silent Weapon 9:43
A2 Dare You Fuck Me 3:09
A3 Sex Experiment >>1 3:18
A4 Sex Experiment >>2 2:41
A5 Sons Of Bitches 5:17
A6 Iron Eagles 4:52
B1 Her Tongue Was An SS Razor 2:37
B2 P 38 Panties 4:40
B3 Taste Her Steel 2:17
B4 Die SS March 3:31
B5 Die Jugend Marschiert 2:33
B6 Stockings, Straps & Swastika's 10:33
Limited to 600 copies in 2 printings (100 in the first, 500 in the second).