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The Harvest

Artist: Hunting Lodge

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X C16
Format: Tape
A1 Astral Bell  
A2 Tribal Warning  
A3 Is That Right  
A4 Rhythm Cage  
A5 Born On Fire  
A6 Night From Night  
B1 Voodoo Eclipse  
B2 God Loves The Rock Stars  
B3 E.Q.T.P.M.  
B4 Learn To Will  
B5 Banishing Dirge  
  • Artwork – John Zewizz
  • Performer – Karl Nordstrom (tracks: B4), Lon C. Diehl, Richard Skott (tracks: A1 to B4), Roselle Williams (tracks: A6 to B2)
Live and taped performances.
A1 - A5, B5: 950 Club, Chicago, day 305, 1984
A6, B1, B2: Composite Lodge, Detroit, day 298, 1984
B3: Johnny D's, Boston, day 298, 1984
B4: Kansas City, day 306, 1984

Note: the Detroit performance date is in error.
Tracks B3 and B4 are incorrectly switched in liner notes.
A total of 500 copies were released.