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Ikons & Ov

Artist: Sleep Chamber

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X 33
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 Leviatan 4:35
A2 Uniform 3:47
A3 Vivisection 2:44
A4 Victim 5:45
A5 Icehouse 5:23
A6 Weapons Ov Magick 9:38
A7 Coven Ov Angels 5:42
A8 The Vision & Voice 7:22
B1 Flesh On Flesh 4:32
B2 Submit To Desire 5:20
B3 Fetish 3:35
B4 Warm Leatherette 3:11
B5 Death Rattle 5:36
B6 The Vision & Voice 11:37
B7 Priestess 10:11
B8 Distant Lives 0:00
A1 to A7 recorded at Marshfield Ranch House 8/26/84
A8 recorded at Rat Club 8/18/85
B1 recorded at Rat Club 3/24/85
B2 to B4 recorded at The Channel 9/19/85
B5 recorded at The Den 6/26/85
B6 to B7 recorded at Rat Club 3/24/85
B8 recorded at The Channel 9/19/85

Track B8 is listed and mentioned yet does not appear on the release due to time constraints.