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Artist: Sleep Chamber

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, XXX 14
Format: Tape
Spezification: 200 out of 700 with Booklet
A1 Leviatan  
A2 Uniform  
A3 Vivasection  
A4 Time Lock  
A5 Inspiration  
A6 Ikon Goddess  
A7 Icehouse  
B1 Dream Distillate  
B2 Subterranean Subhuman  
B3 The Lantern  
B4 Victmm  
B5 Piss On Piss  
B6 Weapons Ov Magick  
  • Bass – Lawrence Van Horn
  • Drum Programming – Darline Victor
  • Guitar – Richard Geller
  • Synthesizer, Trumpet [Ritual], Bell [Singing & Tibetan] – Malcom Smith
  • Vocals, Tape, Horn [Ritual], Percussion – John Zewizz
Limited to 700 copies. Of these, 200 copies were released with a booklet.

A1-A3 recorded live in Marshfield, RH 8:26:84
A4-A6, B4 recorded live at Johnny D's 11:25:84
A7, B1-B3, B5 recorded live at Chets Last Call 10:3:84
B6 recorded live at the Paradise Theatre 9:26:84